CSA Supplement

Technical support

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For technical support

If you are having issues with your service, contact CIRBN 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (309) 820-7321. The CIRBN operations center is operated by the Illinois State University Help Desk.

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Standard maintenance schedule

There are no scheduled outages at this time. Please check back for information on any scheduled outages for maintenance, rearrangement, or testing.

Maintenance procedures

CIRBN will contact the subscribers to schedule any dates and times necessary to perform maintenance on the hardware.

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Equipment maintenance

If a customer experiences equipment failure and CIRBN determines that the equipment has a manufacturing defect, the limited warranty will apply. If the equipment fails as a result of a manufacturing defect after the limited warranty has expired or fails for any other reason, the customer may request that CIRBN deliver replacement equipment in accordance. A fee for assessing and delivering the new equipment (providing the limited warranty is not in effect) may be assessed and will be based upon the type of equipment being replaced and assessment/installation labor.I

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Service charges

Charges for services are dependent on multiple variables unique to your organization and needs. CIRBN may assess a fee for technical support if the issue is unrelated to CIRBN equipment and services. For information on charges for services, contact info@CIRBN.org.

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Equipment return

Upon termination of service, contact info@CIRBN.org to schedule the return of equipment. Equipment will be tested and checked in at that time by a CIRBN staff member.


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All CIRBN customers are responsible for adhering to the Agreement, Service Plan, and Schedule of Fees as outlined in the Customer Service Agreement as well as the policies listed below.

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Acceptable Use:

Customer agrees to:

Acceptable Use Policy Update

CIRBN reserves the right to modify this policy at any time by updating the Acceptable Use Policy on the CIRBN website: www.cirbn.org.